The Meaning of DSP: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the multiple meanings of DSP? This article will cover what the acronym DSP stands for in many different circumstances. 

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Have you ever heard the term DSP used in technology or the marketing industry and wondered what it meant? This article will cover various meanings of the acronym DSP when it is used in certain contexts. Keep reading to learn about the meaning of DSP!

What Does DSP Stand For?

The term DSP has a couple of common meanings depending on the industry in which it is being used. The term DSP is most often used in the technology and digital marketing industries.

Digital Signal Processing/Digital Signal Processor

DSP can stand for digital signal processor, which technology functions that digitizes and manipulates real-world signals. These include voice, video, audio, pressure, temperature, and position. DSP can convert audio signals from hardware like microphones into a digital format from its analog signal or analog form. 

This transmission is built into many user interfaces, such as those on smart speakers, headphones, vehicle entertainment systems, smartphones, and more. DSPs have a range of functions and capabilities. An analog-to-digital converter and digital-to-analog converter (ADC and DAC) can be found in things like a Bluetooth chip, which uses DSPs to receive, process, and output audio, for example.

DSP architectures can quickly process many types of signals for various functions that an automated machine needs to perform. DSPs matter greatly in many of our favorite technologies!  

Demand-Side Platform

In digital advertising and digital media, DSP stands for demand-side platform. This interface system allows for ad buying and ad exchanges in real-time through one singular interface. Users gain access to the ad inventory that a marketing team posts, and then the media buyer can use this in their ad space. DSP interacts with things called supply-side platforms (SSP).

What Are Other Meanings of DSP? 

The Free Dictionary states that DSP can stand for many things aside from demand-side platforms and digital signal processors depending on the industry.

Meanings of DSP in Science & Technology

DSP has many uses in STEM — make sure you use context clues to figure out what DSP means in this field!

  • Document Storage Processor
  • Dual Slant Pole (telecommunications)
  • Designated Sender Protocol (email)
  • Developer Studio Project
  • Dell Service Provide
  • Digital Signature Signing Process
  • Donor Submission Portal (US Pharmacopeial Convention)
  • Developer Studio Project (Microsoft file extension)
  • Dynamic Shift Program (Audi)
  • Directory System Protocol
  • Double Side Polishing (wafer, glass, metal)
  • Data Stream Protocol
  • Dynamic Support Program (IBM)
  • Display Select Panel
  • Display Parameters
  • Distribution Software Publishers
  • Deep Space Probe
  • Drive Slave Present
  • Data Security Professional
  • Data Solutions Provider
  • Document Services for Printing
  • Data Services Platform
  • Dynamic Studio Professional Module
  • Decompression Sickness Panel
  • Down Stream Physical
  • Dilute Sulfuric Peroxide 
  • Display Support Protocol
  • Data Source Plugin
  • Desmoplakin
  • Digital Studio Picture
  • Digital Scrapbook Place

Meanings of DSP in Business

Similar to its usage in STEM, DSP has many meanings in business that can change based on the context:

  • Dispute Settlement Procedure (World Trade Organization)
  • Democratic Left Party (Turkey)
  • Demokratik Sol Parti (Turkish: Democratic Left Party)
  • D Street Prepared 
  • Direct Service Professional (social service)
  • Diversity Scholarship Program 
  • Delta Sigma Pi (business fraternity)
  • Dipartimento di Studi Politici 
  • Du Sol au Plafond (French painting company)
  • Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma (Japan)
  • Delta Sigma Phi (fraternity)
  • Detailed Scheduling and Planning
  • Detailed Site Plan
  • Duplex Speaker Phone
  • Distributed Staff Program
  • Daughters of Saint Paul (religious community)
  • Designated Suppliers Program
  • Democratic Socialist Party (Australia)
  • Driver Safety Program (various locations)
  • Dealer Service Portal
  • Daikin Synchronised Power (Daikin Air Conditioners)
  • Delley Semences et Plantes (French: Delley Seeds and Plants; Switzerland)
  • Department of Student Preparation (the University of Texas at San Antonio)
  • Depository Services Program
  • Direct Stock Plans
  • Dalit Solidarity Peoples (human rights group)
  • Demand Supply Planning (various companies)
  • Dall’Olmo Sport Passion (French automobile racing)
  • Darksydephil (gaming)

Meanings of DSP in Government

DSP in government and politics has even more meanings to learn and use:

  • Directeur des Services Pénitentiaires (French: Director of Prison Services)
  • Department of State Proforma (International Traffic In Arms Regulation)
  • Decentralization Support Programme (Pakistan)
  • Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Defense Support Program (US DoD satellite system)
  • Dubai Strategic Plan (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • Devon and Somerset Police
  • Defense Standardization Program
  • Devon Structure Plan (UK)
  • Disaster Support Package (FEMA)
  • Defense Sourcing Portfolio (est. 2008; US DoD)
  • Designated Stock Point
  • Depot Storage Point
  • Defense Satellite Program (US DoD)
  • Dialogue Social Dans Les Postes (French: Social Dialogue in the Post)
  • Display
  • District Superintendent Police
  • Diplomatic Service Procedure (UK)
  • Division of the State Police
  • Depot Spare Parts
  • Délégation de Service Public (French: Delegation of Public Service)
  • Diritti Speciali di Prelievo (Italia: Special Drawing Rights; currency)
  • Document Stratégique Pays (French: Country Strategy Paper)
  • Design Specification Package
  • Delaware State Police
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • Disability Support Pension
  • DoD (Department of Defense) Standardized Profile (US DoD)
  • Direct Support Platoon (US Army)
  • Defensive System Panel (US DoD)
  • Drill Sergeant Program

Meanings of DSP as Slang Terms

Finally, we can all use these slang DSP definitions in our everyday lives!

  • Drshnaps Productions (webcomic database)
  • Day Shift Problem
  • Dual Screen Playstation (Nintendo DS emulator)
  • Dawnshroud Peaks (Everquest game)


Usually, the term DSP stands for either demand-side platform or digital signal processor. A demand-side platform is used in the marketing industry. Digital signal processor is used in technology and telecommunications. However, DSP also has many other possible meanings, so make sure you clarify what you mean by DSP when you use it in a sentence!


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