The Meaning of DNF: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know what the full form of the internet slang term DNF is? This article will give you all of the knowledge you need on the acronym W/E, including its meaning, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the acronym DNF stand for?

According to Cyber Definitions and Cambridge Dictionary, the acronym DNF stands for “did not finish.” This abbreviation is used when some competitor in a race – whether running, biking, driving, or doing something else – does not finish the race. A DNF might happen if a competitor is injured during the race, if the weather affects their performance, or for a number of other reasons. In this circumstance, the competitor would not receive a time for their race, but a DNF. Someone could also use the phrase DNF as a slang term to mean that they did not finish something. For example, if one student asked another about the homework assignment and the student replied with “DNF,” this would mean that the student did not finish their homework.

The Free Dictionary and Acronym Finder state that the abbreviation DNF also has a large number of other meanings. While they are also accurate definitions, they are far less common than the meaning “did not finish.” If one plans to use this acronym to mean one of these secondary definitions, they should ensure that the context is clear to avoid confusion.

  • Disjunctive/Disjoint Normal Form
  • Dynamic Network Factory, Inc.
  • Deschutes National Forest (Oregon)
  • Defense Nuclear Facilities
  • Did Not Find
  • Digital National Framework
  • Domain Name Forum
  • Duke Nukem Forever
  • Domain Name Finder
  • Direction Nationale des Formations (French: National Directorate of Training)
  • Digital Noise Filter
  • Does Not Function
  • Do Not Forget
  • Does Not Follow (mathematical proofs)
  • Deep Neck Flexor
  • Device not Found
  • Do Not Freeze (USAP)
  • Dynamic Network Factory
  • Do Not Fix (software bug)
  • Droits des Non Fumeurs (French: Non-Smokers Rights)
  • Second Disjunctive Normal Form
  • Dominant-Negative Form (genetics)
  • Dynamic No Fins (swimming)
  • Digital National Framework (UK)
  • .NET Framework (Microsoft)
  • Do Not Fax
  • Do Not Forward
  • Dandified Yum (software)
  • Do Not Fit (electronics)
  • Data Not Found
  • Down ‘n Floundering (racing)
  • Danmarks Nationale Front (Danish: Denmark’s National Front)
  • Dungeon and Fighter (video game)

How can the acronym DNF be used in a sentence?

The acronym DNF can be used in a couple of different ways. The first way is with regard to some sort of racing sport, like running, biking, or race car driving. In this first example, Bree is a runner on her high school track team. She passed out in the middle of a race. Her coach comes to talk to her.

Coach: Hey Bree, you feeling okay?

Bree: Yeah, I’m feeling a lot better. They gave me some crackers and Gatorade.

Coach: What happened out there?

Bree: I don’t know. I got really hot and I tried to keep going but my legs were like jelly.

Coach: Stay hydrated, Bree. I don’t need my star runner getting a DNF at every meet! You can always come and ask us for an ice pack or some cold water of sport drinks if you’re feeling shaky. Just cross the finish line

Bree: I will. Thanks, coach.

Here, Bree’s coach refers to her incompleteness of the race as a DNF. Bree was given a DNF for her race results because she was unable to complete the race and therefore did not receive a time. In this next example, Bree and her friend Kaila are texting about the homework from their English class.

Bree: Hey Kaila, did those questions on the book make any sense to you? They’re really confusing.

Kaila: Ugh I’m not even there yet, I DNF before I had to go to my little sister’s birthday dinner. I’m gonna be waking up v early tmw.

What are synonyms and antonyms for the phrase DNF?

If one wishes to use another word or phrase that means the same thing as DNF, they can opt to use a synonym. Someone might choose to use a synonym if they want to expand their vocabulary, if they want to avoid using an acronym, or if they want to avoid repeating themselves. The list of synonyms below for the acronym DNF is provided by Thesaurus.

  • lacking
  • wanting
  • in the making
  • undeveloped
  • undone
  • sketchy
  • formless
  • under construction
  • unassembled
  • unpolished
  • unrefined
  • unconcluded
  • unexecuted
  • unaccomplished
  • unfinished
  • rough
  • in the rough
  • uncompleted
  • fragmentary
  • tentative
  • not done
  • plain
  • incomplete
  • half-done
  • unperfected
  • unfulfilled
  • crude
  • imperfect
  • unfashioned
  • amateurish
  • cut short
  • faulty
  • bare
  • half-baked
  • shapeless
  • immature
  • dilettante
  • found wanting
  • defective
  • roughhewn
  • unadorned
  • deficient
  • dabbling
  • natural
  • raw

But what if someone wants to state that something is the opposite of a DNF? In this case, they could use an antonym. An antonym is a word or phrase that means the opposite of a given term. This list of antonyms for DNF is also provided by Thesaurus.

  • finished
  • concluded
  • tied up
  • resolved
  • stopped
  • over and done
  • done
  • come to an end
  • ended
  • sewn up
  • effected
  • performed
  • consummated
  • disposed of
  • shut
  • dispatched
  • executed
  • final
  • entire
  • compassed
  • in the past
  • over
  • effectuated
  • wrapped up
  • decided
  • fulfilled
  • put into effect
  • accomplished
  • lapsed
  • elaborated
  • achieved
  • complete
  • discharged
  • realized
  • made
  • through
  • finalized
  • full
  • closed
  • terminated
  • satisfied
  • done for
  • completed
  • wound up
  • settled
  • worked out
  • done with
  • perfected
  • ceased
  • brought about

Overall, the phrase DNF stands for “did not finish.” This phrase can be used in any number of different racing sports from running, to biking, to driving and signified that a competitor did not complete the assigned race course or distance. Instead of having a time marked down, they would be marked down as a DNF. A DNF can happen due to injury, weather, or any other number of circumstances. One could also use DNF as a chat speak or text slang acronym to tell someone via social media or a text message that they did not complete something.