The Meaning of Dignity: What It Is and How To Use It

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Do you consider yourself to be a person with dignity? Here we will provide you with the definition of the word dignity. Then, we will explore how to use the word dignity in a sentence. 

Afterward, you will learn the etymology of dignity, translations of dignity, and more! Look no further than this article for all the information you need on the word dignity!

What Does Dignity Mean?

Dictionary states that the word dignity is a noun with a few various definitions. The first definition of dignity is conduct that shows respect or appreciation for a formal or serious situation. 

Second, dignity can refer to worthiness or elevation of character, office, or rank. Finally, dignity can mean a sign of respect. 

Since the word dignity has a few different definitions, you must make your context clear when using this word. 

You would not want someone to think that you mean one definition of dignity when you actually mean another. This can confuse things, so be sure to provide adequate context when using the word dignity. 

How Can We Use Dignity in a Sentence?

As you have just learned, the word dignity has three different potential definitions. The below example sentences use all of these definitions. As you read through these examples, see if you can discern which definition is used in each sentence. 

Example #1

After she got out of the abusive relationship, she knew that she had to find dignity within. For years, she had gotten her self-esteem from another person and had to learn to find self-respect for the human being she was.

Question: What definition of dignity does the above sentence use?

Answer: In the above sentence, the word dignity means worthiness.

Example #2

The dignitary had a high rank and high office and therefore walked with a loftiness to him. Some people used this as a reason to treat him with respect, but other people hated his pompous attitude, 

Question: What definition of dignity does the above sentence use?

Answer: In the above sentence, the word dignity means an elevated rank or office.

Example #3

When the man could not even give her the dignity of opening the car door for her, she knew their relationship was over. She had self-worth and knew that she was worthy of respect.

Question: What definition of dignity does the above sentence use?

Answer: In the above sentence, the word dignity means a sign of respect.

Example #4

No matter where the participants came from, rich or poor, the group’s leader treated them all with equal dignity. She knew each one of them was worthy of esteem and had the potential to find poise.

Question: What definition of dignity does the above sentence use?

Answer: In the above sentence, the word dignity means worthiness.

What Is the Etymology of Dignity?

The word dignity became an English language word many years ago, between 1175 and 1225. This word comes from the Middle English dignite, a word of Anglo-French origins. This word comes from the Old French dignite, the Latin dignitas, and dignus worthy

What Are Translations of Dignity?

Suppose you are going to be traveling to a country with a storied history of royalty. In that case, you might find it useful to know how to say the word dignity in languages other than American English! 

Nice Translator can help you learn how to say dignity in many languages. After reading this list, you will be an expert on translations of dignity. 

  • Bulgarian: достойнство
  • Vietnamese: phẩm giá
  • Malayalam: പതാപം
  • French: dignité
  • Hungarian: méltóság
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 尊嚴
  • Italian: dignità
  • Welsh: urddas
  • Marathi: प्रतिष्ठा
  • Korean: 위엄
  • Telugu: గౌరవం
  • Gujarati: ગૌરવ
  • Romanian: demnitate
  • German: Würde
  • Chinese (PRC): 尊严
  • Filipino: dignidad
  • Icelandic: reisn
  • Catalan: dignitat
  • Slovenian: dostojanstvo
  • Spanish: dignidad
  • Swahili: hadhi
  • Swedish: värdighet
  • Greek: αξιοπρέπεια
  • Portuguese (Brazil): dignidade
  • Turkish: itibar
  • Slovak: dôstojnosť
  • Tamil: க ity ரவம்
  • Russian: достоинство
  • Indonesian: harga diri
  • Urdu: وقار
  • Arabic: كرامة
  • Lithuanian: orumas
  • Portuguese (Portugal): dignidade
  • Croatian: dostojanstvo
  • Malay: martabat
  • Finnish: arvokkuus
  • Bengali: মর্যাদা
  • Basque: duintasun
  • Latvian: cieņa
  • Dutch: waardigheid
  • Amharic: ክብር
  • Hebrew: כָּבוֹד
  • Hindi: गौरव
  • Ukrainian: гідність
  • Danish: værdighed
  • Thai: ศักดิ์ศรี
  • Japanese: 尊厳
  • Polish: godność
  • Estonian: väärikus
  • Czech: důstojnost
  • Kannada: ಘನತೆ
  • Norwegian: verdighet
  • Serbian: достојанство

What Are Synonyms of Dignity?

The word dignity has a very serious connotation. Sometimes, you might be looking for a word that means dignity but does not have the same connotation. 

Alternately, you might feel like you have been using the word dignity too much. If you’re looking for another word for dignity, turn to this list of synonyms of dignity from Power Thesaurus.

  • amour propre
  • aristocracy
  • augustness
  • ceremoniousness
  • courtliness
  • culture
  • decency
  • decorum
  • distinction
  • elegance
  • eminence
  • ethics
  • etiquette
  • glory
  • good form
  • goodness
  • grandeur
  • grandness
  • gravitas
  • gravity
  • greatness
  • honor
  • integrity
  • loftiness
  • lordliness
  • majesty
  • morality
  • nobility
  • nobleness
  • prestige
  • pride
  • propriety
  • rank
  • refinement
  • regality
  • repute
  • respect
  • respectability
  • royalty
  • sedateness
  • seemliness
  • self-esteem
  • self-regard
  • self-respect
  • self-worth
  • sobriety
  • solemnity
  • standing
  • stateliness
  • status
  • virtue
  • worth
  • worthiness

What Are Antonyms of Dignity?

For opposites of the word dignity, you can use this list of dignity antonyms from Power Thesaurus!

  • attaint
  • awkwardness
  • bad manners
  • badness
  • baseness
  • blot
  • chaperon
  • cheerfulness
  • coarseness
  • commonness
  • complain
  • contemptibility
  • crime
  • crudeness
  • crudity
  • debase
  • debasement
  • defect
  • degradation
  • degrade
  • depravity
  • disgrace
  • dishonor
  • humiliation
  • ignominy
  • immorality
  • indecency
  • indignity
  • infamy
  • inferiority
  • insignificance
  • insult
  • irrelevance
  • lowliness
  • lowness
  • making fun of
  • obloquy
  • opprobrium
  • scandal
  • shame
  • spot
  • subordinateness
  • subordination
  • unimportance
  • vice
  • worthlessness


Dignity is a noun with a few different definitions. This is a great word to add to your vocabulary and use in your daily life! Try using dignity in a sentence of your own today.


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