The Meaning of Compromise: What It Is and How To Use It

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Today’s word of the day is compromise! In the following article, we will provide the definition of the word compromise. Then, you will learn the origin of the word compromise and read all about example sentences, synonyms, and antonyms of compromise. 

Have you ever had to compromise with someone else? Do you think it is a good idea to compromise with others or stand your ground?

What Does Compromise Mean?

According to Dictionary, the definition of compromise is twofold. Compromise can be a noun or verb. As a noun, the word compromise refers to mutual concessions, mutual promise, or mutual agreement for the settlement of differences. 

As a verb, the word compromise means to settle something with a compromise. To compromise can also mean to put something in damage or weaken something. The pronunciation of compromise is ˈkɒmprəmaɪz, and compromise is three syllables – com-pro-mise.

What Is the Etymology of Compromise?

Compromise entered the English language many centuries ago, in the early 1400s. This Middle English word comes from the Old French compromis, Latin compromissum, compromittere, promittere, and missum.

How Can We Use Compromise in a Sentence?

Below, you will find several example sentences that contain the word compromise. Compromise can be either a noun or a verb, so when you are studying these sentences, see if you can identify if compromise is a noun or a verb. 

To learn how to use the word compromise, try coming up with your own example sentences that contain compromise. Practice using compromise as both a noun and as a verb. 

Example #1

The two students came to a good compromise regarding the topic of their project, and their teacher gave them a good grade.

Question: In the above sentence, is compromise a noun or a verb?

Answer: In the above sentence, compromise is a noun.

Example #2

They were worried that the new medication would compromise the man’s immune system, which would make it very dangerous if he got even a simple cold or flu.

Question: In the above sentence, is compromise a noun or a verb?

Answer: In the above sentence, compromise is a verb.

Example #3

The couple was able to come to a compromise solution in arbitration so that they could avoid going to court.

Question: In the above sentence, is compromise a noun or a verb?

Answer: In the above sentence, compromise is a noun.

Example #4

The candidate was unwilling to make any political compromise, which made her numbers go down in the polls. The voters wanted someone who could work with others.

Question: In the above sentence, is compromise a noun or a verb?

Answer: In the above sentence, compromise is a noun.

What Are Translations of Compromise?

People can compromise all over the world! To learn how to say the word compromise in several different languages, you can use this list of translations of compromise from Nice Translator

Can you tell which of these translations of compromise have the same root word as compromise?

  • Polish: kompromis
  • Icelandic: Málamiðlun
  • Chinese (PRC): 妥协
  • Latvian: kompromiss
  • Japanese: 妥協
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 妥協
  • Romanian: compromite
  • Estonian: kompromiss
  • Vietnamese: sự thỏa hiệp
  • Hungarian: kompromisszum
  • Croatian: kompromis
  • Thai: ประนีประนอม
  • French: faire des compromis, compromettre
  • Urdu: سمجھوتہ کریں
  • Portuguese (Brazil): compromisso
  • Ukrainian: компроміс
  • Italian: compromesso
  • Serbian: компромис
  • Tamil: சமரசம்
  • Hebrew: פְּשָׁרָה
  • Korean: 타협
  • Basque: konpromiso
  • Bulgarian: компромис
  • Czech: kompromis
  • Malay: kompromi
  • Russian: компромисс
  • Swedish: kompromiss
  • Kannada: ರಾಜಿ ಮಾಡಿಕೊ
  • Malayalam: ഒത്തുതീര്പ്പ്
  • Telugu: రాజీ
  • Turkish: anlaşmak
  • Filipino: Kompromiso
  • Marathi: तडजोड
  • Greek: συμβιβασμός
  • Portuguese (Portugal): compromisso
  • Indonesian: kompromi
  • Norwegian: kompromiss
  • Swahili: maelewano
  • Welsh: cyfaddawdi
  • Dutch: compromis
  • Bengali: সমঝোতা
  • Arabic: مرونة
  • German: Kompromiss
  • Danish: kompromis
  • Gujarati: સમાધાન કરવું
  • Slovenian: kompromis
  • Slovak: kompromis
  • Amharic: ማመቻቸት
  • Catalan: comprometre
  • Lithuanian: kompromisas
  • Hindi: समझौता
  • Spanish: compromiso, acordo
  • Finnish: vaarantaa

What Are Synonyms of Compromise?

There are several words you can use in place of the word compromise. If you feel that you have overused the word compromise, or if you are simply seeking to expand your vocabulary in an easy way, you can study the below synonyms of compromise from Power Thesaurus

How many of these synonyms of compromise do you already know?

  • accommodation
  • accord
  • adjustment
  • agreement
  • appeasement
  • arrangement
  • balance
  • bargain
  • come to an understanding
  • come to terms
  • composition
  • compromised
  • compromising
  • concede
  • concession
  • concessions
  • conciliate
  • conciliation
  • damage
  • deal
  • diminish
  • discredit
  • endanger
  • erode
  • find a happy medium
  • give and take
  • give-and-take
  • go fifty-fifty
  • happy medium
  • harm
  • hazard
  • hinder
  • impair
  • imperil
  • make a deal
  • make concessions
  • mean
  • middle course
  • middle ground
  • middle way
  • negotiate
  • negotiation
  • prejudice
  • reconciliation
  • risk
  • settle
  • settlement
  • spoil
  • strike a balance
  • terms
  • threaten
  • trade off
  • undermine
  • undermined
  • understanding
  • weaken

What Are Antonyms of Compromise?

Several words also mean the opposite of compromise. For example, if you fight about things or always have to get your way, you do the opposite of compromise. 

If you know someone who never compromises, you could describe their actions using one of the below words from this word list from Power Thesaurus.

  • altercate
  • argue
  • be at loggerheads
  • be at odds
  • be at variance
  • be different
  • be dissimilar
  • bicker
  • challenge
  • clash
  • collide
  • conflict
  • contend
  • contest
  • contradict
  • contrast
  • cross swords
  • debate
  • demur
  • differ
  • disaccord
  • discord
  • dispute
  • dissent
  • diverge
  • fall out
  • feud
  • fight
  • gainsay
  • have words
  • lock horns
  • nauseate
  • object
  • oppose
  • protest
  • quarrel
  • row
  • scrap
  • spar
  • spat
  • squabble
  • take exception
  • take issue
  • take issue with
  • vary
  • wrangle


The word compromise can be either a noun or a verb. As a noun, a compromise refers to some settlement of differences or disagreements. As a verb, to compromise means to settle differences. Do you usually compromise with others, or do you fight to get your way?


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