The Meaning of The Butterfly: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the meaning of the butterfly? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the butterfly, including the meaning of this creature in spirituality and resurrection, butterfly symbolism, and what the color of butterflies mean!

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What does the butterfly mean and symbolize?

According to Pure Spirit, World Birds, and Gardens With Wings, Many people believe that butterflies are angels or winged messengers that come from the spirit world to the physical realm and send people signals and validations to guide them through life. Many people believe that if you listen to your intuition, you can receive the message from the angels that the butterflies have been sent to present to you.

A lot of the time, butterflies are thought to represent transformation, personal growth, and an ever-changing life cycle. Since a butterfly begins as and caterpillar and then goes into a cocoon, pupa or chrysalis to later emerge as a butterfly, this is thought to symbolize the transformation of a person. There is also a spiritual meaning of the butterfly. This idea of transformation is symbolized by the butterfly. To undergo a spiritual transformation, people must Retreat from the outer world and go into their inner being. Butterflies are thought to symbolize the cocoon of prayers surrounding people as we meditate and ponder our own spirituality and transformation. 

Legends and ancient folklore say that butterflies are meant to bring good luck, good fortune, and grace to the psyche.  The butterfly totem animal is a symbol of lightness of being and elevation. It is supposed to represent a release from the heaviness of tensions and bring us joy and bliss. Each color of the butterfly is thought to have a different significance and importance. 

Butterfly is thought to teach a lesson about letting go of old behavior and moving into your next phase of existence. Since every person has to transform into new periods of their lives, we can view the butterfly as a symbol of this. Butterflies heavily exert themselves when transforming from caterpillars inside their cocoons, so it is thought that only through exertion will we be able to emerge into who we will be at our next stage of life.

Access the power of the butterfly by noticing what colors you tend to be drawn to. From here, discern what they might mean for you. You can also try to choose a habit you no longer want and develop a plan to change it. Observe what you think about when you see a butterfly and its natural environment, and dance!

The butterfly also has different cultural and biblical meetings in the Bible and Native American tribes. In many different cultures, the butterfly is symbolic of the Soul, immortality, and Resurrection. In Christianity, the butterfly has become associated with rebirth and reincarnation. In ancient Egypt, the butterfly also represented resurrection. In Ancient Greece, the butterfly was associated with the goddess Eros and symbolized love. For Mexican and Australian aboriginals, people associate butterflies with the souls pass Warriors. In Japan, the butterfly is associated with feminine beauty and short lasting joy, and in China, the butterfly symbolizes beauty and a long life.

What do different colored butterflies mean?

According to Color Psychology Meaning and Color Meanings, different colors of butterflies can symbolize different things. While generally, a butterfly itself can symbolize rebirth, metamorphosis, change and transformation, the different colors of a butterfly’s wings can indicate different things if you see them in your dreams or all the time in real life. Below, you will find the red butterfly meaning, blue butterfly meaning, orange butterfly meaning, Monarch butterfly meaning, yellow butterfly meaning, and more! 

In England and Scotland, a red butterfly was believed to be a witch taking on an animal form or to represent the souls of people, witches, or other evil creatures. A lot of cultures see red butterflies as an omen of danger or evil. A black butterfly is also a bad omen. People often believe that seeing a black butterfly meant bad news or were incoming. However, other cultures see them as a sign that renewal is on the way and as a sign of longevity as the dark before the light. 

A white butterfly has the same divisive nature as a black butterfly. A white butterfly can either be seen as an omen of luck or death. Native Americans believed that white butterflies symbolize either rain or hot weather coming, and the Chinese believed that white butterflies were guardian angels or the souls of the recently deceased. 

In China, a green butterfly has associations with love. In North America, a green butterfly is associated with wealth, and if you find one inside your home or business, it is a sign of success in a future endeavor. Orange butterflies, like a Monarch butterfly, are associated with joy and positivity, but also passion and aggressiveness. Yellow butterflies can symbolize warm-weather approaching or joy and creativity. However, some cultures believe a yellow butterfly means bad luck during a voyage or an omen of danger. Finally, brown butterflies mean that important news will soon arrive. A brown butterfly is also thought of as the soul of an important person or relative.

Overall, the butterfly is largely a symbol of transformation and metamorphosis. Many different cultures, from the ancient Greeks, to the Native Americans, too many others around the world associate the butterfly and its various different colors with different elements of spirituality. Many different cultures believe in different things about butterflies, and can bring meaning to things like a butterfly spirit animal, butterfly power animal, or butterfly dances.


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