The Meaning of ATM: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you ever been curious about the definition of ATM? This article will provide you with all of the knowledge you need on the abbreviation ATM, including its definition, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the abbreviation ATM stand for?

According to Cambridge Dictionary and Investopedia, the acronym ATM has two possible meanings. The first is the internet slang term “at the moment.” People use the slang word ATM on social media and in text messaging to mean that they are talking about something happening currently, or right now. 

The abbreviation ATM can also stand for automated or automatic teller machine. This is an electronic banking outlet that can perform many baking transactions without the need for in-person bank tellers, or branch representatives. Therefore, the ATM is literally an automated teller. At an AM, someone can withdraw cash from their account, transfer money, and do other basic transactions. To access a bank account, account holders will need to insert their ATM card or debit card into the cash machine. If someone is using a cashpoint at financial institutions that they do not bank at, a person might be charged ATM fees to make cash withdrawals.

According to The Free Dictionary, the acronym ATM can also stand for many other things. Though these definitions are still valid, they are far less common than both automated teller machine and at the moment. If you decide to use one of these alternate definitions, proceed with caution. Make sure you provide the reader or listener with the proper context so that they are not confused by what you mean by the acronym ATM. This should be standard practice for any acronym or abbreviation that has more than one possible meaning. 

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  • Automatic Track Management
  • Account Technical Manager
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  • Apartment Threading Model (computer protocol)
  • Assign Traffic Metering (US DoD)
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  • Anjungan Tunai Mandiri (Indonesian: Automated Teller Machine)
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  • Advanced Toastmaster (formerly Able Toastmaster)
  • Adipose Tissue Mass
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  • Advanced TEMPEST Microcomputer
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  • Abstract Test Method (ISO 9646-1)
  • Americans for Transportation Mobility
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  • Aircrew Training Manual
  • Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (Malaysian Armed Forces)
  • Applied Tomography Experiment
  • Automatic Time Management
  • Association of Texas Midwives
  • Air Tasking Message
  • Another Task Manager
  • Automatic Touchdown Machine (football slang)
  • An Teanga Mharthanach (Irish)
  • Automatic Test Methods
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  • Automatic Term Mapping (Pubmed; US NIH)
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  • Activity Tracking Manager (software)
  • Associazione Trevisani nel Mondo (Treviso, Italy)
  • Autoritat del Transport Metropolita (Spain)
  • Atmospheric Transmission at Microwave Frequency
  • Association of Textile Manufacturers
  • Association des Tondeurs de Moutons (French: Association of Sheep Shearers)
  • Annual Technical Meeting
  • Assistant Trainmaster
  • Annals of Thoracic Medicine (Saudi Thoracic Society)
  • Against the Mainstream
  • Autorail Touristique du Minervois (French: Minervois Railcar Tourism; Minervois, France)
  • Acetone Toluene Methanol
  • Agency & Transaction Management
  • Antitactical Missile
  • Advanced Testing Mode
  • Air Training Missile
  • Aerosol Trajectory Model
  • Auxiliary Transport Module
  • Acceptance Test Manual
  • Alternative Test Method (ITU-T)
  • Atomic Testing Museum (Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation)
  • All Time Money (aka Any Time Money)
  • Airborne Thematic Mapper
  • Atmosphere
  • Area Training Manager (various organizations)
  • Any Time Money (aka All Time Money)
  • Autonomous Trade Measures

How can the acronym ATM be used in a sentence?

Since the term ATM can be used to mean “at the moment” or “automated teller machine,” this means it can be used in two different contexts. In this first example, ATM will stand for “at the moment.”

Daisy: Hey dude, WYD RN?

Harry: NM ATM! U wanna work on the history HW together?

Daisy: 4 sure!

Here, Daisy and Harry use lots of chat speak to make plans. In the next example, ATM will stand for automatic teller machine.

Helen: Hey honey, are you on your way home?

Delilah: Yep! I gotta stop at the ATM but I should be home in 15. I want to make sure we have cash for the fair tomorrow.

Helen: Good idea!

Overall, the abbreviation ATM most often stands for either automated teller machine or at the moment. At the moment is an internet slang term that refers to something happening right now. People often use at the moment when discussing making plans. An automated teller machine is an electronic banking service that are seen at banks. Here, people can withdraw cash and complete other basic transactions.