The Meaning of Amethyst: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of amethyst? This article will provide you with all the ways that you can heal and manifest with amethyst.

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Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and part of the hexagonal crystal system. 

Amethyst crystals most often come in the color purple, but they can also come in other shades. Amethysts can vary in color from a deep purple to a red, chevron, or green hue. Amethysts are found all over the world, include locations like Australia, India, Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, and more.

What Is the Meaning of the Amethyst Gemstone?

Amethyst stones are associated with the third eye chakra and crown chakras. This means they are related to wisdom, intuition, calmness, and meditation. Amethyst is also the birthstone for February and the zodiac crystal for Pisces.

History of the Amethyst

This stone has been considered to have powerful metaphysical properties for a long time. The Ancient Greeks used amethyst geodes to protect whoever wore them from drunkenness. They also drank wine from goblets decorated with amethyst to prevent themselves from getting drunk and used them to draw out infection. 

As legends go, it’s said that amethyst gets its color from the story of Dionysus and the Goddess Diana. Ancient Egyptians also used these stones in their traditions.

Healing Powers of the Amethyst

Amethyst is a very powerful stone. This gem is said to alleviate sadness and grief while dispelling anxiety and negative energy. It is thought to bring clarity to the wearer and enhance psychic abilities. This stone can also help prevent nightmares. 

Physically, this stone may help alleviate migraines, boost immunity, and allow people to have a deeper sleep.

Emotionally, amethysts promote balanced emotions, courage, rational decision-making, and a calm mind. Spiritually, the amethyst stone can help you tap into your intuition, awaken the third eye, and reduce the influence of any negative energies around you.

How to Use an Amethyst

You can harness the power of the amethyst in many different ways. You can acquire an amethyst stone and hold it or carry it around with you. You can also wear amethyst jewelry such as a necklace or bracelets with amethyst beads. There are many different ways to harness a crystal’s energy and use it for good. 

How Do You Charge and Clean Crystals?

If you use a certain crystal for manifestation purposes, the crystals must have a clean and charged energy. 

Amethysts are cleansed by the sun. If you have an amethyst stone, put it in a bowl filled with sea salt and water. Then, place the bowl in the sun, either outside or in a sunbeam in a window. This charges the cleansing water, and you can clean and charge your stone simultaneously. After the stone has sat for a few hours, it is considered clean, charged, and ready for use in manifestation and prayer.

Using crystals for manifestation and prayer creates a buildup of energy, and your crystal will need to be cleansed before you can use it again. You can continue with an amethyst’s saltwater sunbath, but there are a couple more tactics you can try as well. 

You can smudge the stone with a bundle of sage to rid the stone of any built-up negative energy. After it is cleansed, you can let the amethyst sit in the sun to charge. 

Other Crystals and Gemstones

Many different gemstones have powerful healing properties. Some of these types of healers are very specific. If you are trying to manifest a particular outcome, it can be helpful to use more than one crystal for the ultimate boost of manifestation energy. 

If you are looking for internal balance, using more than one crystal at a time can be very powerful as well.

Many different gemstones are associated with different zodiac signs, chakras, and types of healing. Make sure that you’re choosing the correct stone for your particular desires. By referencing this list of gemstones, you can begin to build your crystal collection.

  • Lapis Lazuli
  •  Rhyolite
  •  Moqui Marbles
  •  Hiddenite
  •  Super Six
  •  Larimar
  •  Tiger Iron
  •  Cats Eye
  •  Iolite
  •  Selenite
  •  Tsesit Stone
  •  Wulfenite
  •  Aventurine
  •  Kyanite
  •  Rutile
  •  Malachite
  •  Diamond
  •  Moldavite
  •  Que Sera
  •  Graphite
  •  Galaxyite
  •  Kammererite
  •  Lakelandite
  •  Lava
  •  Brookite
  •  Tanzanite
  •  Kimberlite
  •  Violet Flame Opal
  •  Erythrite
  •  Pietersite
  •  Rose Quartz
  •  Sodalite
  •  Cinnabar
  •  Peridot
  •  Zoisite
  •  Septarian
  •  Unakite
  •  Hypersthene
  •  Stromatolite
  •  Halite
  •  Clinoclase
  •  Spinel
  •  Cuprite
  •  Tourmaline
  •  Sphalerite
  •  Seraphinite
  •  Amber
  •  Dumortierite
  •  Axinite
  •  Boracite
  •  Adularia
  •  Super Seven
  •  Galena
  •  Atlantisite
  •  Molybdenite
  •  Howlite
  •  Citrine
  •  Franklinite
  •  Stibnite
  •  Beryl
  •  Karibibite
  •  Hilutite
  •  Pollucite
  •  Benitoite
  •  Labradorite
  •  Zincite
  •  Calcite
  •  Gaspeite
  •  Stellerite
  •  Jasper
  •  Ruby Fuchsite
  •  Darwin Glass
  •  Quartz
  •  Smithsonite
  •  Chrysoberyl
  •  Tremolite
  •  Celestite
  •  Onyx
  •  Chiastolite
  •  Sardonyx
  •  Opalite
  •  Chrysocolla
  •  Goshenite
  •  New Jade
  •  Pyrite
  •  Lizardite
  •  Sunstone
  •  Ametrine
  •  Fuchsite


Overall, the amethyst crystal meaning is one of balance. Since this crystal was used in the past to alleviate drunkenness, it makes sense that it is used to calm and quiet a racing mind in the present. An amethyst can boost your intuition and a calm mind and assist in decision-making.


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