The Meaning of Albatraoz: What It Is and How To Use It

This guide will give you all of the necessary information on the word albatraoz, including its definition, word origin, example sentences, and more!

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What is the definition of albatraoz?

According to, albatraoz, pronounced al-ba-trawse, is a slang term. It plays off of the word albatross, which is a large seabird, and is used to mean a powerful and strong willed woman. This word originated from the name of a Swedish pop band, Albatraoz, and their single of the same name.

AronChupa, the inventor of the term, states that he invented the term albatraoz based on the large seabird the albatross. The albatross’s wingspan can reach up to twelve feet. MentalFloss paints the bird as an interesting creature, that can live into at least their sixties, and can lay eggs and hatch chicks well into old age.

They have the largest wingspan of any living bird, reaching nearly twelve feet long. The only longer wingspan is a seventeen-foot wingspan from the Pelagornis, a prehistoric seabird. While they do mate for life, they do not practice monogamy. They create long life unions, but also cheat on their partners with female birds being able to have up to forty-nine partners over a seven week period.

These birds are able to coast for several hundred miles without a single wing flap, which no other creature can do. Engineers are trying to figure out how they are able to do this so they can use it in flight mechanics. The birds spend half of their time facing the wind and using it to fly upward, and then for the second half, they dip back down toward the ocean to catch another draft.

They have an excellent sense of smell and can follow a fish in the ocean for twelve miles, and have a symbiotic relationship with the sunfish, whose parasites they eat for food. Many form same sex couples, with thirty-one percent of surveyed couples on Hawaii in female relationships. These birds will mate with heterosexual partners for the purpose of laying eggs, but will always return to their same sex partner.

Where is albatraoz seen in popular culture?

The word was originated by Aron Michael Ekberg, a Swedish EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer. In his music, he is known as his stage name AronChupa. He released a song in August of 2014 called “I’m an Albatraoz,” in which one woman in the song trash talks another, stating, “f— that little mouse cuz I’m an albatraoz.” Ekberg wrote the song with his younger sister Nora Ekberg and produced the song, as well.

Before he released his Swedish electro house-hip hop 2014 song “I’m an Albatraoz,” Aron and a small group of soccer players formed a band called Albatraoz in 2012. The band liked to substitute many endings of words for -auz or –aoz, hence being able to rhyme “mauz” from the Swedish word mus, meaning “mouse,” with “albatraoz” in his song. According to Definitions, the band was from Borås, Sweden, and members were Ekberg, Nicklas “Savvo” Savolainen, AndyBar Maskinel, and Sahlberg “Salle” Rasmus.

The song was intended to be a silly song among friends, but has gone platinum in four different countries. He featured his younger sister Nora Ekberg on the track, who believes the appeal of the song comes from it being weird and different. Aron has no idea why or how the song went viral. The music video for the song has almost 1.2 billion views on AronChupa & Little Sis Nora’s YouTube channel.

According to SwedishCharts, the song peaked at number one for three weeks on Swedish radio. It was released under the label SME by Columbia and Sony. Worldwide, it peaked at number one in Denmark, number four in Germany, seven in France, second in the Nethlerlands, second in Australia, third in New Zealand, and seventh in Italy, among others. Its last ween on the charts was the week of June 19, 2015, and stayed on the charts for 42 weeks.

What are synonyms of the word albatraoz?

Albatraoz has many slang synonyms that are commonly used. According to Urban Dictionary, albatraoz has the same meaning as another expletive-filled slang her “boss a— b—.” Similarly, this term also has a song named after it, released by PTAF in 2012. According to Power Thesaurus, any of the below can also be used as synonyms for the term albatraoz:

·       Boss Babe, or Bossbabe

·       Lady Boss, or Ladyboss

·       Girl Boss, or Girlboss

·       Boss B—–

·       Businesswoman

·       Career Woman

·       Strong Woman

How can one use albatraoz in a sentence?

The most common way to use albatraoz in a sentence would be as a compliment when a female friend accomplishes something in her career. Below are three examples of situations in which it appropriate to use the term. Mandy and Jen are friends from college and Mandy was submitted for a promotion at her company.

Mandy: I just found out I got the big promotion I was up for!

Jen: That’s amazing! Yes albatraoz!

In this second scenario, Alice and Danny love the song “I’m an Albatraoz.” Alice’s boyfriend Danny wrote her a card congratulating her on beating out hundreds of other competitors to land a leading role in a play. Danny writes, “Dear Alice, You’re no little mouse—you’re an albatraoz. Congratulations! I’m so proud of you. Love, Danny.”

Lastly, Morgan and Hannah just had a successful opening day for their small business. Morgan high fives Hannah and says, “You’re an albatraoz, babe. That was awesome!” Hannah replies, “We’re both albatraozes.”

Overall, the slang term albatraoz was popularized by the 2014 song “I’m an Albatraoz” by AronChupa and his little sister Nora. The term refers to a powerful, confident woman, whether in her career or in her personality, and is used as a compliment.