Airbnb Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How to Use It

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Have you ever heard of the term Airbnb? In the modern-day, the word Airbnb has become quite common, especially amongst the younger population. 

If you don’t know what this term means, it might be difficult to extrapolate its meaning from the context of a conversation. 

We’re going to talk about what this word means, how to use it, and more. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to use it confidently in your writing, speech, and life. Let’s get started. 

What Is the Definition of Airbnb?

Airbnb is a bit of a peculiar word. Just based on the spelling, you can tell from first glance that it is not a normal word. In fact, Airbnb is the name of a company. Here’s a brief definition for each of the different ways this word is used:

  • A company that has an online marketplace for lodging and vacation rentals 
  • A rental house, room, condo, or apartment that was booked through Airbnb

The company Airbnb essentially allows people to rent out their homes, rooms, or apartments to travelers. Airbnb has an online marketplace where people can list their rooms for rent and customers can find the lodging they need. 

The name is somewhat of an acronym. Airbnb is short for “air bed and breakfast.” However, people don’t just use the word Airbnb to refer to the company. The word Airbnb is also used to refer to the rental units themselves that they booked through the Airbnb marketplace. 

Airbnb is an alternative to hotel rooms. By engaging in the sharing economy or home sharing, people can get quite affordable lodging when they travel. 

Some Airbnbs are private rooms in a person’s home, some are a private sections of another person’s home, and some are entire places devoted to the guest. This offers a diverse price range so you can get the place that fits your needs.

How Does Airbnb Work?

Property owners — also called Airbnb hosts — can offer up their house as an Airbnb listing on the company’s website. Airbnb is similar to VRBO. Private individuals can list their property or part of it on the Airbnb website. 

If you’re looking to travel, simply head to the Airbnb website, put in your destination and travel dates, and you’ll have a wide variety of options for lodging at your fingertips. 

You could rent out an entire house, or even just a guest room. Some people just rent out an air mattress. Customers can go onto the online marketplace and look at a selection of places based on where they need to stay. They can elect a price range to dictate how much they’re willing to spend and eventually decide which place they want to stay. 

Once the Airbnb guests complete check-in their Airbnb, they stay for the agreed-upon time. There is usually a service fee or cleaning fee that helps to keep the place clean for the next person. 

Private individuals who host a lot of people and who get good Airbnb reviews are called superhosts. If you see the superhost tag on an Airbnb listing, it means it’s a high-quality, well-reviewed place to stay that you can count on to be honest, clean, and even charitable. Many of them even give you their phone number to contact them if you need anything.

Most of the time, Airbnbs allow cancellation without a fee. However, each homeowner is allowed to determine their own cancellation policy. 

The Airbnb business model is quite interesting. Airbnb does not own any of the properties listed on Instead, it makes a small commission off of each of the Airbnb rentals. 

Where Did the Word Airbnb Come From? 

The word Airbnb is a shortened version of the phrase “air bed and breakfast.” This word was created by the creators of the company. 

Airbnb was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk. It is currently based in San Francisco, California. The company’s mission is to provide unique travel experiences by allowing travelers to connect with the local culture in a more intimate way. 

The word was originally created as the name for the company. As the company has gained popularity, people have also begun to use the word as a name for the specific short-term rentals that they are staying in or that they own. 

The company also engages in a good deal of philanthropy, with a large fund dedicated to giving money to charity. They have even provided temporary housing for refugees. 

What Are Some Examples of Airbnb in a Sentence?

Here are some examples of the word Airbnb used in a sentence to help us better understand how to use it.

I just got a new job at Airbnb, the rental company!

I was in property management for a while, but it turns out there is more money to be had in running Airbnbs than in running apartments. 

I got a super cheap Airbnb for my trip to New York. It’s just a couch in somebody’s living room, but it’s so affordable!

Why would you get a hotel room when you can just use Airbnb?

I love how Airbnb is always so personal and how it allows me connect to the local people in whatever place I’m traveling to. 

I’m going to Uber back to the Airbnb and shower before we head out for dinner. 

What Are the Synonyms of Airbnb? 

Here are some synonyms for the word Airbnb:

  • Room for rent
  • Rental
  • Air bed and breakfast

The Word Airbnb

The word Airbnb is a bit peculiar, it has become incredibly common in the English language. This major company has gone from a startup to almost in the Fortune 500 in just over a decade. 

Now that you know everything you need to know about the word Airbnb, you can use it confidently in your writing and conversation. Maybe you can even use their services to take a nice trip for yourself, if you’ve been feeling some cabin fever

If you want a refresher on Airbnb, feel free to come back to this article for the info you need. 


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