I Look Forward to Hearing From You—Better Ways to Say It

What’s the best way to express enthusiasm in your business correspondence? Sometimes, you want your reader to know that you’re excited and you can’t wait to hear from them. At the same time, you don’t want to be overeager. What to do?

You could punctuate your email with tons of exclamation marks—or pepper your business letter with questions and requests. However, there are more subtle ways to let your recipient know that you’re hoping for a response. 

Here’s one of the most common ways to nudge someone to get back to you. Just say, “I look forward to hearing from you.” It’s a classic line, letting your reader know that you’re awaiting a response with bated breath.

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Alternative Phrases

If you’ve already said “I look forward to hearing from you” too many times, here are a few alternative phrases that can serve as a direct replacement:

  • Let’s set up a phone call to discuss this matter.
  • I would appreciate a quick response. 
  • I’d appreciate your feedback and ideas.
  • Your response is requested. 
  • Please follow up with me at your convenience.
  • I’m hoping to hear from you soon. 

Additional Ideas for Encouraging a Response

  • You might want to offer your recipient a link to click on, as a way to encourage them to make an appointment with you. Many online scheduling systems, such as Calendly and Picktime, allow you to provide someone with a selection of convenient times for a meeting. 
  • Combine one of the phrases above with a traditional goodbye. Whether you would like to conclude a formal letter an informal email, try placing a phrase like “best regards” or “thanks again” before your signature. Even if you’re writing to a close friend, it’s always better to conclude with a gracious adieu, rather than a demand. For ideas, check out our full list of email sign-offs that work. In particular, “thanks in advance” can be a sneaky way to remind someone that you’re waiting for them to take action. 
  • Send a follow up. In American business culture, it’s appropriate to send another email if you haven’t received a response. For instance, the next week, you might reply to your initial email, saying, “I’m just writing to make sure you saw my note.” 
  • Try a different method of communication. If someone hasn’t responded to your emails, you might want to give them a call instead. If you’ve been submitting to an online form, you might want to try mailing a letter. Of course, the appropriateness of sending out multiple communications depends on the situation and the context. When in doubt, research what’s considered appropriate in your industry. 

What They Say in Other Languages

French: J’attends votre appel—I am waiting for your call. 

Spanish: Espero tu respuesta—I look forward to your response.

German: Ich freue mich darauf, bald von Ihnen zu hören—I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Chinese: 盼复— Expecting your reply. 


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