DTS Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How to Use It

Have you seen the DTS and wondered if you really know what it means? Read this guide to DTS and all its meanings so you don’t have to wonder.

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DTS is a fairly common acronym. You’ve probably seen it around in multiple different places and contexts. But what does this acronym mean? Does it mean multiple things? How can you tell the difference between its definitions? 

Those are the questions this article is going to answer. After you read this complete guide to the word DTS, you’ll have a clear grasp of the various definitions of this acronym and how to utilize it in your conversation, writing, and daily life. Let’s get started with this word of the day.

What Does DTS Mean? 

Because these three letters are so common in the English language, the acronym DTS appears quite often on word lists, representing a variety of different definitions and meanings. Oftentimes, you can extrapolate the meaning based on context, but other times, it’s more difficult. So here are the definitions of the different phrases that DTS stands for. 

Digital Theater Systems

One of the more common meanings for this acronym is that it is the name of a company called Digital Theater Systems. This company created a famous product in 1993 called Digital Theater Sound

This technology was quite significant when it first came out. It was an important technology that revolutionized digital audio for films and movies. It allowed for sound to be processed at 20 bits instead of 16 bits, and it used four times less compression than its competitor, Dolby Digital. 

This made for much clearer, higher-quality sound in movies. On top of that, they also focused on surround sound format, with which the company had great success. One of the first big movies to utilize the new technology was the film, Jurassic Park.

Later, the company developed DTS-HD Master Audio which provided digital surround sound in lossless audio, meaning no audio information was lost. This was the audio format used on most Blu-Ray discs. 

Recently, DTS has developed DTS Play-Fi, a software that syncs high-quality audio to all of the speakers in your home with sub-millisecond accuracy.

Drug Treatment Services

DTS can also stand for drug treatment services. These services are often offered by rehabilitation centers that specialize in helping people overcome substance abuse, handle withdrawal symptoms, and get back on their feet. They include psychiatry, therapy, and other treatment options.

For people who struggle with addiction, it is often incredibly difficult to wean off of excessive drug use. They may struggle with various forms of illness and disorientation associated with their withdrawal. 

In this context, DTS are services that help people through the detoxification process, wean off of their substances, and help them become functional again. 

Delirium Tremens

Delirium tremens also go by the abbreviation DTs. DTs are a severe form of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. DTs refer to when a person stops drinking after a long period of heavy drinking. As the result of alcohol abuse, a person may experience alcohol widrawal delierium caused by low electrolytes and dehydration. 

About two to four days after their last drink, a person suffering from DTs will start to experience symptoms of delirium tremens, also known as alcohol withdrawal delirium. It can cause changes in mental function, tremors, delirium, hallucinations, deep sleep, fear, shakiness, and more.

Data Transformation Services

DTS can also stand for data transformation services. This refers to an important type of technology in the modern-day. Simply put, DTS allows for automatic extraction, transformation, and upload of data to or from a database. 

Down To Snuggle

You may have also seen the word DTS online. When used in social media culture, in a text message, or in some other capacity relating to internet culture, DTS stands for “down to snuggle.” 

This phrase means exactly what it says. It’s a way of saying that you would be willing to cuddle with a particular person. Sometimes, in this context, the word DTS is used to imply that you don’t simply want to be a fling with a person, but that you would be open to a more serious relationship. 

What Are Some Example Sentences That Use DTS?

To help bring further clarity to the word DTS, here are some examples of DTS being used in a sentence. There are sentences for each definition of DTS. 

Digital Theater Systems, Digital Theater Sound

  • As far as film audio is concerned, I prefer to make my movies with DTS as opposed to Dolby. 
  • One of the most remarkable parts of the Jurassic Park film was the revolutionary audio quality, made possible by DTS

Drug Treatment Services

  • After my opioid overdose, I entered into DTS, and I can say, without a doubt, that is what turned my life around.
  • I know you’re scared of withdrawal, but DTS can help with all of that to start you off right on your recovery. 

Delirium Tremens

  • My uncle was an author and an alcoholic, but when he finally quit drinking, he got DTs and had to go to the hospital and take benzodiazepines.
  • I finally quit drinking, but DTs sent my body into a spasm, and I fell down the stairs, badly injuring my back. 

Data transformation services

  • Because of DTS, we can transfer large amounts of data from our database onto our computer with relatively no problems. 

Down to cuddle

  • Tonight, after a super long day at work and then a lovely romantic date, I’m definitely DTC and watch a movie. 
  • I know you’re DTC, but I was hoping you’d be interested in a little more than just cuddling. 

The Conclusion on DTC

With all of the different definitions of DTC out there, it can be really difficult to keep them all straight. Depending on the context of a situation, it could mean something wildly different than you thought. 

But now you have all the information you need to know which DTC you’re dealing with and even use DTC in your writing, conversations, or your life in general. And if you ever need a refresher on DTC and its meanings, just come back to this article for the information you need. 


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