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Words that start with K: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

Letter K

Everyone wants an extensive vocabulary. When you’re seeking kudos for your knowledge, throw some K-words into the mix.

When to use a comma: Tips and tricks

WC - Comma Use

By including commas only where they belong, your writing will become clearer and easier to read.

Em Dash: What Is It, When to Use It, and Why?

em dash

This punctuation mark can be stylish and strong, adding variety to your syntax, as long as you remember to use it sparingly.

How many words are in a five-minute speech?

How many words are in a five-minute speech

Imagine you need to give a 5-minute speech at a wedding. How many words should you prepare? You should write 625-750 words. Here's why.

How many letters are in the alphabet? Here’s the answer, by language.

WC - Alphabet_v2

Not all languages share an alphabet with English. Let's look at a few different writing systems that use Latin script to see how their alphabets differ.

Are Seasons Capitalized?

WC - Are Seasons Capitalized

Be sure to write the seasons of the year with lowercase letters, unless you come across one of these scenarios.

Words that start with Q: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

WC - Letter Q WITH

When you need a quick quip, words starting with Q can't be beat. Here's something you might not know: the letter Q is actually spelled with a C, not a Q!

Transition Words: How, When, and Why to Use Them

WC - Transition Words

Just like road signs, transitions help the reader to navigate. Transitions can be especially helpful when you introduce a new paragraph.

When to Use Whom: Tips, Tricks, and a Quiz

WC - When to Use Whom WITH IMAGE

By taking the time to learn the difference between “who” and “whom,” you’ll become a stronger writer.