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What Does Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Mean?

Has someone ever told you to “let sleeping dogs lie”? Did you look around and think, Hmmm, there aren’t any sleeping dogs here!

What Does By and Large Mean?

By and large is a classic English idiom: It has a figurative meaning, and it’s nearly impossible to figure out this definition just by looking at the individual words that comprise it.

What Does Like Father Like Son Mean?

Although considered an ancient proverb, the expression like father, like son is extremely common in writing and speech today.

What Does Birthday Suit Mean?

If someone tells you they’re wearing their “birthday suit,” don’t expect to be impressed by a stylish jacket and trousers.

What Does the Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions Mean?

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Good intentions are, well, a good thing! Hell, on the other hand, isn’t so great. So what could the two possibly have to do with one another?

What Does the Buck Stops Here Mean?

The phrase the buck stops here is a classic idiom, in that it’s difficult to figure out the saying’s meaning just by looking at the individual words that comprise it.

What Does No Quarter Mean?

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If you’ve ever heard the phrase no quarter, you may be quick to think it has something to do with money—more specifically, a lack of pocket change.

What Does Bush League Mean?

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Maybe you’ve read that someone “played in a bush league,” or perhaps you’ve even heard something described as being “bush league.”

What Does Sleep Tight Mean?

As a kid, did your parents ever tell you to “sleep tight” when they tucked you into bed?