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How to Start an Email: Best & Worst Greetings

WC- How to Start an Email WITH IMAGE

Learn how to start your email with a greeting that encourages your recipient to keep reading.

The Semicolon: When and How to Use It Properly


A semicolon may look fancy, but it's actually quite easy to use. Don't let the symbol's intricate shape fool you.

Words that start with X: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet


If you're looking to expand your vocabulary, begin by learning a few words that start with the letter X.

Abbreviation for feet: What is it and how is it used in a sentence?


Are you looking for the abbreviation of feet? We'll be looking into the possible abbreviation for the word feet.

Abbreviation for street: What is it and how is it used in a sentence?


Learn how to abbreviate the word "street" and how to use the abbreviation in a sentence.

Abbreviation Goes Here

Abbreviation Goes Here

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