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What Does Bar None Mean?

This article will share the meaning of this fairly common idiomatic expression, as well as provide tips for using it in your speech and written material.

Awhile vs. a while?

“A while” is a noun phrase that means “occasionally" or an amount of time that is longer than "awhile.”

Fiancé vs. fiancée?

The French nouns fiancé and fiancée both describe somebody who is engaged to be married, but the word fiancée is exclusively used for women.

Separate vs. seperate?

Separate is one of the most common misspelled words in the English language. Between separate and seperate, the correct word to use is separate.

Photoshoot vs. photo shoot?

Photoshoot and photo shoot are both compound words and nouns that describe an event where a photographer takes a series of photographs.

When Do I Use a Dash?

To begin, we need to distinguish between three different—and essential—punctuation marks in the English language. 

Beck and call or beckon call?

When it comes to figuring out the difference between ‘beck and call’ or ‘beckon call,’ the correct idiom to use is ‘at someone’s beck and call.’

Lead vs. led?

Led is the past participle of the verb lead, but it sounds the same as the metal lead.

What Is a Proper Noun?

In the English language, a noun will often serve as a subject or object within a sentence.