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Presume vs assume?

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  • mmAlanna Madden
  • calander pngJuly 5, 2020
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The verbs presume and assume each mean “take for granted,” but assume also describes the act of pretending, absorbing responsibility, or taking over a role.

What Does No Quarter Mean?

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If you’ve ever heard the phrase no quarter, you may be quick to think it has something to do with money—more specifically, a lack of pocket change.

How to Cite a Lecture in APA Style

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The American Psychological Association publishes style and grammar guidelines, designed to assist psychology professionals, academics, and students with formal writing.

Afterward or afterwards?

  • mmAlanna Madden
  • calander pngJuly 2, 2020
  • tag png grammar

Americans use “afterward” for formal writing, but “afterwards” is the standard spelling outside of the United States.

What Does Bush League Mean?

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Maybe you’ve read that someone “played in a bush league,” or perhaps you’ve even heard something described as being “bush league.”

Fiction vs. nonfiction?

  • mmAlanna Madden
  • calander pngJune 30, 2020
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Nonfiction writing recounts real experiences, people, and periods. Fiction writing involves imaginary people, places, or periods...

Words That Start With B: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

Between Words with Friends and crossword puzzles, you'll blow away both buddies and rivals by boosting your usage of the letter B.

What Does Sleep Tight Mean?

As a kid, did your parents ever tell you to “sleep tight” when they tucked you into bed?

When to Use a Comma Before “So”

Ah! We wish a hard-and-fast rule existed—such as, “Always (or never) use a comma with ‘so’ in a compound sentence.”