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Good vs. well?

Use the adjective “good” to describe nouns and the adverb “well” to describe verbs. But if you’re discussing “good health,” use the adjective “well.”

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When to Use a Comma Before “Such As”

As you may have noticed, sometimes commas flank a phrase beginning with "such as." On other occasions, "such as" appears without a comma.

Jealousy vs envy?

  • mmAlanna Madden
  • calander pngJune 11, 2020
  • tag png grammar

Envy is a noun or verb that describes the resentful longing of advantages possessed by another.

What Does Goody Two-Shoes Mean?

Have you ever heard someone described as a goody two-shoes and been a little confused?

Words That Start With I: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

When you indulge in a game of Scrabble or Words with Friends, impress your friends with an influx of words that start with the letter I.

Thru vs. through?

  • mmAlanna Madden
  • calander pngJune 8, 2020
  • tag png grammar

Thru is the informal American spelling of the word through.

What Does Beating a Dead Horse Mean?

If you heard the phrase beating a dead horse and were confused by its meaning—and maybe also felt a little upset or sick to your stomach—you aren’t alone.

Words That Start With L: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

Like most language enthusiasts, you probably long for a larger vocabulary. Don't lallygag!

Alright vs. all right?

  • mmAlanna Madden
  • calander pngJune 5, 2020
  • tag png grammar

Alright and all right are essentially the same word, but “all right” is the correct spelling for standard English.

What Does Brown-Noser Mean?

Have you ever heard someone described as a brown-noser and wondered what the term meant?