BB Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How To Use It

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The definition of BB is one that is fairly difficult to nail down. 

It is an abbreviation with a huge number of different meanings, all of which tend to muddle up a clear definition of the word. Over the years, it’s meant everything from a term of endearment to a type of air gun to a slang term for saying goodbye to someone. So, what does it mean today, and how can you use it in the most relevant and helpful ways? 

This is everything you need to know about the word BB and how you can use it when talking to people in the modern world!

First Off: What Are Abbreviations? 

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. 

Abbreviations — including “BB” — are often used in text messages, emails, and social media. They may be used in many other contexts as well, such as in professional settings where there is a need for brevity. 

The most common type of abbreviation is an acronym, which is created by taking the first letter or letters from each word in a phrase (e.g., FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation). Another type of abbreviation is an initialism, which is formed from the initial letters of words within the phrase (e.g., EOD or end of the day). 

Abbreviations have become a large part of modern culture, with shortened communication becoming a mainstay on the internet. BB is one of these abbreviations that has become critical to talking and communicating in many different circles and subcultures. 

For more information on how these abbreviations work, check out these more specific meanings of BB.

What Is a BB Gun?

Air rifles are weapons that shoot small projectiles called pellets or BB shots. They are used for sport and recreational shooting, pest control, hunting small game, and military training drills. The term air gun is often used to refer to both pellet guns and air rifles, but there are differences between the two.

Air guns use compressed air or other gasses, such as CO2, to propel a projectile (or whole cartridges of projectiles) towards a target. Pellet guns use a spring-loaded piston or diaphragm to compress air, propelling the pellet from the barrel at high velocity. Air rifles use a rifled barrel to spin-stabilize their projectiles. Pellet guns usually do not have rifled barrels.

The main difference between an air rifle and an air pistol is the amount of power each produces and the ability of each weapon’s mechanism to withstand greater pressures than can be produced. 

Most pellet guns have no mechanism built into them capable of withstanding much higher pressures produced by hand-cocking mechanisms like those found on spring-powered pistols or single-shot break barrel rifles.

Does BB Stand for Baby?

Another word that BB stands for is — you guessed it — baby. 

While this isn’t necessarily an abbreviation, it still is fairly easy to see where the term comes from; the word baby has two B’s in it, and it sounds very similar. 

BB is commonly used as an endearing term between lovers over text. It is a very short and concise term, which allows people to use it discreetly and quickly. It is generally used in a very casual and low-key manner. 

What Are the Additional Meanings of BB?

Here are some more ways that the term BB is used in the modern world, even if they aren’t as common.


BB can stand for “bye-bye,” a term that some people use to say goodbye when speaking to their friends, family, or lovers. This is a shortened version of that phrase, and it is mostly used in the context of text messaging. 

Ball Bearing

These are the tiny metal balls that are used to allow something to rotate. They’re typically used in cars and other vehicles but can also be found in industrial machines and appliances.

Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are a type of message board in which users can post notices. School teachers first used them to communicate with students in the classroom, but now they’re used online by businesses or organizations to announce events, sell products or services, and discuss current issues.

Bad Boy

A bad boy is a person who behaves in a way that is considered to be inappropriate, rude, or sometimes even against the law. 


Bareback riding is a sport where the rider sits on the horse’s back without a saddle. This practice is most commonly seen in rodeos but has also been used in warfare and hunting.


Barbados is a city on an island in the Caribbean. It is located in the southern hemisphere and has a tropical climate, with dry and rainy seasons every year. Barbados is also known as “The Friendly Island” because of its friendly people and relaxed atmosphere.


A BlackBerry phone is a smartphone that first became popular in the 2000s and can still be found today. The phone features a physical keyboard and is designed for texting.

Bee Bee

 This is another way to spell BB when used within the context of air rifles. 

Big Brother 

Big Brother is a concept in George Orwell’s novel 1984, in which the government has complete control over its citizens. This government uses tools like surveillance and propaganda to keep its people under control.


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