Angel Numbers Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How To Use It?

Do you know what the phrase “angel numbers” means? Read here for a complete guide to the definition of angel numbers and never wonder again.

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When numbers have a significant spiritual meaning, they can feel like a spiritual revelation. And when you see specific numbers repeated, it might be a sign from the heavens trying to give you a message.

You might have heard that certain numbers are lucky or that a certain sequence of numbers has a specific meaning. Well, that’s the idea behind angel numbers. 

Today, we’re going to define angel numbers. By understanding the definition of angel numbers and knowing the spiritual symbols associated with each, you may pick up on a heavenly sign. Let’s get started. 

What Is the Definition of Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are a great way to find pop up in your daily life. To be able to spot them, here’s a general definition of the term “angel numbers”. 

  • A specific number, set of numbers, or series of numbers that repeatedly show up in a person’s life, carrying a specific spiritual meaning associated with it

Essentially, angel numbers are a sign from the heavens in the form of a number. Maybe every time you check the clock it’s the same time. Maybe you keep checking your email and you always have the same number of emails in your inbox. Or maybe you keep seeing the same sequence of numbers on license plates all over your city.

The numbers are believed to be a sign from guardian angels. The message is meant to convey something about the future, whether it’s a warning or divine guidance. It is believed that numbers are one of the ways that these spirit guides can deliver these important divine messages.

The numbers gain their significance because of their repetition. And, people have prescribed certain meanings to different numbers based on literary symbolism, spiritual symbols in religious texts, or anecdotal experience. People use these numbers and meanings to get guidance for their lives and sometimes to even find out the meaning of life

Because of the wide variance in the source material, there isn’t a widespread agreement on what each number means. Many people disagree strongly. 

Where Did Angel Numbers Come From? 

Angel numbers and numerology have ancient origins. People have been interpreting the spiritual meanings of numbers since the times of ancient China and India. But it is mostly agreed upon that the first numerologist was the mathematician Pythagoras in the 6th century. 

He was not only known for his theorem about triangles. He taught students how numbers could reveal certain beauties about the world. He believed that numbers were the foundation of all of life and, because of that, they hold spiritual significance. 

Since Pythagoras, many different traditions of numerology have surfaced. Kabbalists, for example, believe that all life comes from the numbers one through ten. The ancient Hebrews also believed that hidden meanings were found in the numerical values of names in biblical stories. 

The actual phrase “angel numbers” evolved loosely from the Christian tradition. Christian Gnostics and mystics held that numbers had great spiritual significance and that angels would deliver messages to people through them, hence, the term angel numbers. 

Since then, angel numbers have shifted, and now they are associated with the occult. They’re now associated with other occult tools and psychic mediums like tarot cards, the horoscope, and the zodiac sign. 

What Are Some Example Sentences That Use Angel Numbers?

Using the phrase in a sentence can bring further clarity to the definition. Here are some example sentences that contain the phrase angel numbers. 

  • Lately, I’ve been getting all of these calls from phone numbers with the angel number 555. Do you think it’s a mere coincidence, or is it a sign?
  • I’m a big believer in angel numbers, and three is my lucky number!
  • I wanted to make sure my daughter’s name carried positive vibrational energy, so we made sure the letters in her name were associated with a good angel number.
  • I keep seeing the same repeating numbers over and over again. Do you think it’s an angel number telling me I’m on the right path?

What Are the Meanings of Specific Numbers?

Now, it’s time to take a look into the meaning of angel numbers out there so you can understand them when you see common angel numbers in the world. 

The number one is a sign of success. It means that you’re about to succeed, and you’re going to deserve it. It might signify a new opportunity or new beginnings, and it’s a sign to be thankful for the life and loved ones you’ve been given.

The number two is a symbol of inner peace. It means you should embrace the peace within yourself and let your instincts and unique abilities guide you on your spiritual journey. 

Three is a divine symbol. It has great biblical significance and is most likely a sign to look to the spiritual for a way forward. Three is also a sign of joy, imagination, and creativity.

Six is a warning of difficult times. Perhaps it’s a warning that financial hardship is about to come. The single-digit six is typically a bad sign, but if you see numbers that add up to six, like 222 or 33, that is a sign of love!

The number seven is commonly looked at as a lucky number, representing good fortune. But some people see the number seven as a sign that it’s time to take a vacation and care for your love life. If the number seven is seen repeating, it’s a sign that reminds you of your mortality.

Be on the Lookout

Now you know everything you need to know about the phrase “angel numbers” and their definitions. And you know some of the essential angel numbers to look out for in your life. 

So go use this phrase confidently in your writing and conversation. And if you ever need a refresher on angel numbers, come back to this article for everything you need.


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