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What Does Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder Mean?

Have you ever remarked to a friend on a person’s attractiveness or an object’s loveliness and had your comment met with the expression beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

What Does Actions Speak Louder Than Words Mean?

Don’t worry if you’ve heard the idiomatic phrase actions speak louder than words and been a little confused by it.

What Does Goody Two-Shoes Mean?

Have you ever heard someone described as a goody two-shoes and been a little confused?

What Does Beating a Dead Horse Mean?

If you heard the phrase beating a dead horse and were confused by its meaning—and maybe also felt a little upset or sick to your stomach—you aren’t alone.

What Does Brown-Noser Mean?

Have you ever heard someone described as a brown-noser and wondered what the term meant?

What Does No Way Jose Mean?

Have you ever heard the colloquial expression no way Jose and wondered what it meant—and just who is Jose?!

What Does Pennies From Heaven Mean?

Pennies from heaven: The expression sure sounds poetic, doesn’t it? But do you know what the phrase means?

What Does PS Mean?

Many common words and expressions in modern American English are actually borrowed from Latin terms and phrases.

What Does Riled Up Mean?

Have you ever heard someone described as being “riled up” and wondered what it meant?